Sign Company: Sign Company members of MSA are engaged in the design, sale, financing, manufacturing,  installation, or maintenance of custom, commercial signs. Member companies can be located in Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, western Pennsylvania or West Virginia.

Sign Wholesaler: Sign Wholesaler members of MSA are engaged in the manufacturing of signs or sign components that are available for purchase by sign companies.

Product Manufacturer: Product Manufacturer members of MSA are engaged in the manufacturing or sale of materials, components, supplies, or equipment used in the manufacturing, installation or maintenance of signs.

Product Manufacturer Representative: Product Manufacturer Representative members of MSA promote, as independent contractors or commissioned sales representatives, products manufactured for use in the sign industry.

Sign Supply Distributor: Sign Supply Distributor members of MSA are engaged in the distribution of materials, components parts, supplies, or equipment for use within the sign industry.

Current Members

Paul Deters
Business Phone: (586) 759-2700
Business Information
Service Area: Southern Michigan, including Detroit, Grand Rapids, & Lansing.
Service Available: Custom Fabrication, Installation, Hi-Rise & Rappell work, Survey, Design, Permit Procurement & ZBA, Service and Neon Repair.
Equipment: 110-ft. crane, 3-63-ft. cranes, 6 service trucks, auger, backhoe.
Mary Ann Deters
Business Information
Rene Pare
Business Phone: (734) 946-7446
Business Information
Clayton Volkinburg
Business Phone: (800) 245-5800
Business Information
Sarah Dixon
Business Phone: 502-528-7850
Business Information
Neil Jeakle
Business Phone: (888) 731-6122
Business Information
Service Area: Ohio, Northeastern Indiana, Southern Mich.
Service Available: Sign service & manufacturing.
Equipment: 55 ft. to 100 ft. cranes & service equipment.
Bud Smith
Business Phone: 419-234-5552
Business Information
Heather Daley
Business Phone: (419) 228-7446
Business Information
Service Area: West Central Ohio - 90-mile radius of Lima, Ohio.
Service Available: Design, sales installation, & service of signage.
Equipment: 4 cranes from 60 ft. to 140 ft.; 1-35 ft. service truck; basic construction equipment.
John Yarger
Business Phone: (574) 234-5252
Business Information
Service Area: Northern Indiana & Southern Michigan.
Service Available: Custom LED neon & plastic elec. signs, prod. signs -- outdoor, lighted awning, install. & maint.
Equipment: 23 ton & 10 ton cranes, 60 ft. & 38 ft. aerial ladders.
Matt Uhl
Business Phone: (419) 787-3223
Business Information
Ron Smith
Business Phone: (330) 629-8616
Business Information
Tim Cambron
Business Phone: (859) 879-1199
Business Information
Service Area: 100-mile radius of Lexington.
Service Available: Design & mfg. custom illum. & non-illum. signs, neon & archi. signage, install. & maint.
Equipment: 1-100 ft. crane, 2-55 ft. service trucks, 2 trailers, complete neon plant, Cybermation Autograph Design w/Multicutter 8000 routing system.
Michael Schell
Business Phone: (412) 279-2800
Business Information
Michael Williams
Business Phone: (800) 422-3030
Business Information
Service Area: Great Lakes area.
Service Available: Custom illum. signs.
Equipment: Available.
John Eggers
Business Phone: (989) 781-5229
Business Information
Daniel Petersen
Business Phone: (219) 696-8874
Business Information
Maggie Harlow
Business Phone: (502) 614-8400
Business Information
Lloyd Graves
Business Phone: (502) 454-4321
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Beth Powers
Business Phone: (248) 924-3324
Business Information
Bob Chapa III
Business Phone: (586) 574-1800
Business Information
Jim Hartley
Business Phone: (614) 228-9999
Business Information
Service Area: Nationwide.
Service Available: Provides custom illum. signs, int. & ext. signs, message centers, site signs, install. & maint.
Equipment: 100-ft., 80-ft., & 64-ft. cranes with welders/generators, 55-ft. bucket truck, 4 service trucks, 2 trailers.
Greg Beyerl
Business Phone: (317) 842-8664
Business Information
Service Area: Nationwide.
Service Available: Full-service fabrication, install, & service of all types of elec and non-illum. signage, neon to LED conversions, new technology. Project mgmt. staff, permits, variances, & gov't. processes for local & nat'l. requirements.
Equipment: 5 cranes to 146 ft.; 6 aerial ladders to 57 ft., 5 pickup trucks, equipment trailers, lifts, augers, welders (MIG, TIG, Stud, Arc) generators, automated channel bender, 3 automated router tables, 2 Accu-bends, Turbo Bend, steel roller, hydraulic shears, full paint booth, misc. fabrication equip..
Eugene Lewis
Business Phone: (270) 737-0835
Business Information
Service Area: 125-mile radius of Elizabethtown, Ky.
Equipment: 1-146 ft. crane, 1-46 ft. bucket truck, 1-16 ft. & 1-20 ft. trailers, pickup truck.
Daniel Crannie
Business Phone: (810) 487-0000
Business Information
Service Area: Installation in Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Southwest Florida. Subcontracted design and manufacturing for all MSA members.
Service Available: Full-service sign company offering indoor and outdoor illuminated signs, letters and graphics, electronic message systems, vehicle wraps. Corporate and subcontracted design, manufacturing, installation. Maintenance contracts available.
Equipment: 120 ft. Hydro crane, 100 ft. Skyhook, 55 ft. Elliotts, 45 ft. Skyhook, maintenance trucks, 2 yd. dumptruck, bobcat w/augers, trailers, CNC router table, portable welders, jack hammers, large paint booth, scaffolding.
Douglas Staley, Sr.
Business Phone: (317) 637-4567
Business Information
Service Area: Central Indiana.
Service Available: In-house neon, sheet metal, aluminum & plastic fabricated signs, surveys & permits, install., sign service.
Equipment: Up to 90 ft. cranes.