The sign industry of the Midwest, with its variety of products, is an essential advertising medium.  As such, signs are important ingredients in the growth of business in our region.  Sign products serve the public by identifying, informing, sometimes decorating, and by lighting streets.  In order to better serve these ends, MSA subscribes to the following objectives and principles of ethical conduct:


Members shall encourage good design and promote improved sign integration with building, site and surrounding property.


Members recognize the need for a bright eye-catching treatment in advertising specific sites or businesses and reject the concept of the total “asthetic community” as inconsistent with the free nature of man.  Education, not legislation, will permanently lift the esthetic level of society.


Members shall foster better building codes, as they pertain to signs.  Every effort will be made to revise or appeal deficient, unrealistic, punitive or obsolete sections of existing codes.  The need for adequate fees to enforce codes is acknowledged, but punitive or excessive fees should be eliminated.


Members shall truthfully represent their products and services.


With these principles and objectives as a guide, MSA members hope to play a vital and expanding role in the growth of the business community in the Midwest.