Voluntary Ethical Standards, Quality Assurance, & Operating Principles


Mission Statement:

As a Midwest Sign Association member, (Sign Company Name) has chosen to pledge to operate its business in an ethical manner in accordance with the MSA principle that a transaction or service be provided in a professional manner in a way that is fair to all concerned.

Our company will provide:

  • Written proposals or contracts including all expected costs such as:
    • Signs, Delivery, Installation, Engineering, Permits, Utility Locating (ground signs), Permit Procurement, Taxes
    • Signage will be built with all new materials (or green, recycled materials) unless clearly stated otherwise
    • Signage will be installed in a timely manner, and if installation will be delayed due to weather or other concerns, communications will be timely and clear
  • Appropriate timely communication
  • Quality work performed in a professional manner
  • Work performed as quoted and approved including change orders
  • Invoicing consistent with signed contracts and communicated change orders
  • Clearly stated warranty on work provided
  • Investigation of jobsite prior to installation when needed
  • Internally illuminated signs will follow recognized listing service requirements
  • Electric sign installations will follow the NEC requirements for safe wiring
  • Quality control inspection prior to the sign leaving the shop
  • Installation crews will operate in a safe manner using recognized OSHA standards
  • Proposed change orders when necessary will be communicated timely, clearly and will include approvals
  • Change orders may include: Overtime charges, holiday charges, emergency charges, after hours premiums, high time charges, additional materials or equipment charges, and/or other unusual or special circumstances that impact the project timing or pricing
  • Timely response to punch list or warranty items