Sign Company: Sign Company members of MSA are engaged in the design, sale, financing, manufacturing,  installation, or maintenance of custom, commercial signs. Member companies can be located in Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, western Pennsylvania or West Virginia.

Sign Wholesaler: Sign Wholesaler members of MSA are engaged in the manufacturing of signs or sign components that are available for purchase by sign companies.

Product Manufacturer: Product Manufacturer members of MSA are engaged in the manufacturing or sale of materials, components, supplies, or equipment used in the manufacturing, installation or maintenance of signs.

Product Manufacturer Representative: Product Manufacturer Representative members of MSA promote, as independent contractors or commissioned sales representatives, products manufactured for use in the sign industry.

Sign Supply Distributor: Sign Supply Distributor members of MSA are engaged in the distribution of materials, components parts, supplies, or equipment for use within the sign industry.

Current Members

Troy Young
Business Phone: (502) 909-3100
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Andy Fasiska
Business Phone: (314) 344-3327
Mike Brown
Business Phone: (704) 391-2266
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Matt Goodman
Business Phone: (216) 408-7446
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Leonard Diaspro
Business Phone: (513) 242-1500
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Chris Greenebaum
Business Phone: (513) 681-3300
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Tom Denton
Business Phone: (317) 993-7707
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Tony Walkons
Business Phone: (800) 253-1569 x1125
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