Sign Company: Sign Company members of MSA are engaged in the design, sale, financing, manufacturing,  installation, or maintenance of custom, commercial signs. Member companies can be located in Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, western Pennsylvania or West Virginia.

Sign Wholesaler: Sign Wholesaler members of MSA are engaged in the manufacturing of signs or sign components that are available for purchase by sign companies.

Product Manufacturer: Product Manufacturer members of MSA are engaged in the manufacturing or sale of materials, components, supplies, or equipment used in the manufacturing, installation or maintenance of signs.

Product Manufacturer Representative: Product Manufacturer Representative members of MSA promote, as independent contractors or commissioned sales representatives, products manufactured for use in the sign industry.

Sign Supply Distributor: Sign Supply Distributor members of MSA are engaged in the distribution of materials, components parts, supplies, or equipment for use within the sign industry.

Current Members

Steve Gazdag
Business Phone: (440) 510-8998
Business Information
John Grigoli
Business Phone: (440) 799-8235
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Gene Diachenko
Business Phone: (248) 478-1330
Business Information
Service Area: Metropolitan Detroit & Southeast Michigan.
Service Available: All types signage, in-house neon, backlit awnings, design, mfg., install, maint., parking lot lighting maint.
Equipment: 1-100 ft. crane, 1-65 ft. crane/bucket, 1-45 ft. crane/bucket, 2-32 ft. buckets, 1-28 ft. crane, neon plant, computerized router.
Matt Kissane
Business Phone: (412) 586-7361
Business Information
Naomi Stutzman
Business Phone: (814) 453-6711
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Shawn Green
Business Phone: (812) 663-2550
Business Information
Service Area: Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois, Michigan.
Service Available: Awnings, neon, int. illum. cabinets, elec. message centers, logo design, install.
Equipment: 1-85 & 1-65 ft. cranes, trailers, pickups with tools, excavating equipment.
Emily Bamonte
Business Phone: (513) 861-0060
Scott Holthaus
Business Phone: (513) 861-0060
Business Information
Service Area: 120-mile radius of Cincinnati.
Service Available: Custom illum. & non-illum. signs, neon, int. & ext. archi. systems, message centers, install., & maint.
Equipment: 2-85 ft. cranes; 1-65 ft. crane, 3 bucket trucks, 2 service vehicles, 2 trailers, portable welders, generators, various lifting equipment.
Daren Bossenberger
Business Phone: (248) 399-4332
Business Information
John DiNunzio
Business Phone: (248) 344-9590
Business Information
Mike Schaub
Business Phone: (859) 268-5204
Business Information
Melissa Hobbs
Business Phone: (502) 233-8755
Business Information
Walter (Roy) Schafer
Business Phone: (586) 754-6020
Business Information
Service Area: 100-mile radius of Detroit.
Service Available: Custom illum. signs, channel letters, in-house neon, install. & maint.
Equipment: 1-75 ft. crane, 2 service trucks.
Holly Walsh
Business Phone: 317-251-1219
Business Information
Aaron Anderkin
Business Phone: (859) 263-2800
Business Information
Will Johnson
Business Phone: (517) 784-3720
Business Information
Service Area: 150-mile radius of Jackson.
Service Available: Custom illum. signs & awnings, int. & ext. archi. signs, message centers, time & temps., neon, install. & maint.
Equipment: 1-40 ft., 1-80 ft., 1-85 ft. cranes, 1-40 ft. bucket truck.
Bob Kessler
Business Phone: (740) 453-0668
Business Information
Service Area: Southeastern Ohio, Dayton, Ohio, Western West Virginia, & Western Pa., Northern Ky., Eastern Indiana.
Service Available: Custom illum. signs, commercial signs, neon, install., maint. & leasing service, screen printing, awnings, message centers.
Equipment: 1-120, 2-100, 1-65 & 1-55 ft. cranes; 3-55 ft. service & 4-service vans; backhoe; dump truck; jackhammer; air compressor; 4-trailers.
Tim Fouse
Business Phone: (812) 514-7636
Business Information
Paul Deters
Business Phone: (586) 759-2700
Business Information
Service Area: Southern Michigan, including Detroit, Grand Rapids, & Lansing.
Service Available: Custom Fabrication, Installation, Hi-Rise & Rappell work, Survey, Design, Permit Procurement & ZBA, Service and Neon Repair.
Equipment: 110-ft. crane, 3-63-ft. cranes, 6 service trucks, auger, backhoe.
Mary Ann Deters
Business Information
Rene Pare
Business Phone: (734) 946-7446
Business Information
Ken Fellows
Business Phone: (574) 520-1254
Business Information
Clayton Volkinburg
Business Phone: (800) 245-5800
Business Information
Neil Jeakle
Business Phone: (888) 731-6122
Business Information
Service Area: Ohio, Northeastern Indiana, Southern Mich.
Service Available: Sign service & manufacturing.
Equipment: 55 ft. to 100 ft. cranes & service equipment.
Bud Smith
Business Phone: 419-234-5552
Business Information
Heather Daley
Business Phone: (419) 228-7446
Business Information
Service Area: West Central Ohio - 90-mile radius of Lima, Ohio.
Service Available: Design, sales installation, & service of signage.
Equipment: 4 cranes from 60 ft. to 140 ft.; 1-35 ft. service truck; basic construction equipment.