The Midwest Sign Association (MSA) is a regional trade association with over 50 years experience in serving custom, commercial and production sign companies, product manufacturers, reps., and supply distributors in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, and western Pennsylvania.

The most important benefit of MSA membership might be the networking opportunities provided by MSA for its members.  MSA member sign company owners work together to provide information and solve challenges in the industry that they could not have resolved on their own.  The association provides three management-oriented meetings yearly.  Each meeting is arranged to facilitate a number of opportunities for networking among the attendees.  In addition each MSA meeting includes seminars specifically aimed to help the sign company members improve their sign companies.  Topics cover areas such as sales and prospecting, collections, people management, estimating and pricing, customer service, obtaining variances, etc.  Some MSA meetings include roundtable sessions on topics like sign shop scheduling or how to make your design department a profit center.  MSA provides some technical seminars for employees (ranging from safety training to hands-on, in-shop training).

MSA sign company members receive weekly Safety Meeting Outlines for the construction industry, plus access to an extensive online library of safety meetings so that each company can tailor its weekly safety meeting to what is relevant to that particular sign company’s employees.  The MSA Update is a monthly publication that provides information for members.

MSA sign company members automatically receive membership in the International Sign Association (ISA) and receive a password to access all of the ISA member benefits. Click here to visit the ISA website

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