MSA Virtual Summer Session

Jun 09, 2021 - Jun 10, 2021

The MSA Virtual Summer Session, June 9-10, will be a follow-up to the MSA Virtual Winter Workshop. In brief 1-1/2 hour sessions, we'll learn more about ways to cope with how the world has changed, while having additional networking time (breakout sessions) with industry peers that we know and people new to us.

Yes, we hear what you’re thinking, and we agree: Everyone who contacts the MSA office has had enough pandemic and enough virtual meetings and is ready to get back to in-person MSA meetings. But safety concerns have us holding off a bit longer. So we’re doing a virtual session in June.

But check this from Tom Amor, MSA President: “I can honestly say that I was very skeptical of the virtual meetings but have been converted. My paradigm has been shifted! I would have liked to have had extended conversations with others at the MSA Virtual Winter Workshop! Now I look forward to more conversations with MSA colleagues at the June MSA Virtual Summer Session.”

So what are we going to talk about in June? “How do you overcome the barriers brought on by the pandemic? The post-Covid world will never be the good old days in selling. You and your sales team must learn new, and even more effective, ways to sell. By utilizing a few different techniques, you can turn barriers into opportunities,” explains MSA Facilitator: Chief Acceleration Officer of Sales Octane, Jim Ryerson.

Some of the pathways we will consider:

1.    How to get in front of prospective clients in a world where cold calls are rarely accepted and doors are locked? This applies to you, your sales team, and designers!

2.    Once you are in front of customers how do you increase the level of engagement all the way to the CLOSE and beyond?

3.    How do you enlist your current customers in bringing new clients to you?

4.    How you can identify potential Salespeople who have the skill and the will (grit) to succeed - before you hire them?

Remember: We’re discussing these sales questions in a 1-1/2-hour session each day with several small breakout groups where you can connect with your fellow attendees.

During the two sessions you will:

  • Hear the 4 implications of the pandemic which will continue post-pandemic and forever change the sales landscape.

  • Learn 3 ways to add visual and voice to amplify your words.

  • Understand how to accelerate your sales effort and speed up customer decisions at the same time.

  • Walk away with 5 new resources you must take advantage of to experience the silver lining of the pandemic. And, yes, there is a silver lining!

And that’s it – 1-1/2 hours each day – an uncomplicated way to reconnect with your MSA associates, with no driving and no hotel stay. Registration fees are simple, too: $50 for the first person from each company. Then $30 for each additional person per company. The Registration deadline is Friday, June 4.

Schedule of Events

Wednesday, June 9

11:00 am

Announcements: MSA President Tom Amor, Amor Sign Studios

11:15 am

Session & Breakouts: Jim Ryerson, Sales Octane

12:30 pm

Day 1 Concludes

Thursday, June 10

11:00 am

Announcements: MSA President Tom Amor, Amor Sign Studios

11:15 am

Session & Breakouts: Jim Ryerson, Sales Octane

12:30 pm

Day 2 Concludes

How to Register

Complete the Registration form, and mail it with your check to: MSA, 4128 Woodsly Dr., Batavia, OH 45103. Make your check payable to “MSA.” To pay by credit card, please contact the MSA office.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship deadline is Wednesday, May 19:

Gold Sponsors $400 (three available):

  • Opportunity to provide an MSA Virtual Summer Session promo email featuring your company. MSA will email your promo to the sign company members.

  • “Thank you” mention by facilitator each day of meeting.

  • Two registrations for the MSA Virtual Summer Session.

Silver Sponsors

  • “Thank you” mention by facilitator each day of meeting.

  • One registration for the MSA Virtual Summer Session.

We look forward to seeing you at the MSA Virtual Summer Session, June 9-10.

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